Identifying Trolls & Fake Kin

Some tips to identify insincere and trolling ‘kin’

Someone may be insincere or a community troll if:

  • they gain a new kintype every few day or weeks
  • their connection with kintype lacks insight or depth, merely being a ‘favorite’.
  • they claim that being kin is a choice that they made/choosing their kintypes
  • they claim that being kin is a gender
  • they make outlandish claims of magical powers they can use in this life
  • they claim that all kin are ‘coping’
  • they consistently confuse being kin and being a system/multiple after being corrected.
  • they claim to be kin of outlandish personalityless objects like spoons or chairs
  • they make escalating outlandish claims
  • they lack personal insight as to why others would find their beliefs silly
  • they claim to live every moment of their day as their kinself, including costumes and forcing people in their professional life to call them by kin names.
  • they lack insight or reflection on the nature of being kin
  • they treat being kin as a game, hobby, or something inherently fun