Multiverse Theory

Something I talk about a lot is a concept called Multiverse Theory, and I don’t know if it’s as well understood as I’d like it to be. So I’m going to have another go at explaining it.

Multiverse Theory is a semi-scientific, semi-magical worldview that basically states that our universe is only one of an infinite number of other universes different from ours in small or large ways.

I will include some scientific links at the end of this post, but you should know that the scientific community heavily debates multiverse theory There are a number of respected scientists both for and against it, and the truth is barring a miracle we will probably never be able to prove or disprove it totally with our science on this planet. However, for myself, I take the multiverse theory as an article of faith in my spirituality, a magickal concept which does not need to be proven.

So, as I said, multiverse theory states that there are an infinite number of universes, or realities, both alike, and unlike our own.  Because there are an infinite number of universes, literally anything that can happen DOES happen in one of these universes.

There is a universe for every possible change, no matter how tiny. There are universes almost exactly like ours, where you are living your life exactly the same way down to the smallest detail, the only difference being you wore a different shirt last Sunday. There are universes where you have different friends. Universes where you have a different hair color. Universes where you were never born. There are universes where the Axis won WWII, and universes where the American colonies never rebelled. There are universes where the roman empire still survives into the modern day. There are universes where the dinosaurs never went extinct, and instead live in giant houses, and drive giant cars, and have movies about resurrecting the DNA of extinct mammals.

And there are weirder universes than that.

There are universes where the moment of divergence it resulted in a completely mathematically different universe, with completely, fundamentally different laws of physics. And that means there are universes where magic, and super science are possible. All different types of universes with all different types of physical and natural laws. Universes where you can channel huge beams of energy through your hands, or universes where you can invent a ship that goes the speed of light. There are universes inhabited by sentient shades of the color blue, where metaphors are physically true and science is accomplished via poetry.

And because the multiverse is truly, truly infinite, everything happens. I mean everything. There is no thought, no possibility, that is not, right at this very moment, real and happening. And has happened before, and will happen again, infinitely.

Every Harry Potter fanfiction you ever read, is real, really happened. Happens again and again in infinite variation. Yes, even that one.

Every book you’ve ever read is happening right now. The characters are people who are living, and breathing and striving and dying.

Every TV show you have ever seen has happened. Episodes of Sitcoms that constantly snap back to the way things were probably occur in slightly different, mutually exclusive parallel universes.

Every game of Pokemon you have ever played has happened. Even the ones where the protagonist had a comically lewd first name. Every version of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect really exists, all in different universes.

Every daydream about how your life might go, has happened. In another universe, you are an astrophysicist rockstar fighter pilot who is also a ballerina.

Every idea for a story you’ve had, but never written down already exists, its aborted characters and plotlines playing out totally independent of whether someone in another universe writes about them or not.

Under multiverse theory it is impossible, literally impossible to think of an occurrence that has not, will not, and is not happening. The multiverse is simply too big. Everything has existed, exists, and always will exist.

Yes even those little yellow minions.

-Mod Felix of From Fiction

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