Too Many Kintypes?

“Too many” kintypes is not a number, and it doesn’t have anything to do with being taken seriously or not.

To me, ‘too many kintypes’ is when you start losing touch with what makes something kin. Being kin is inextricably tied up with memory, and loss and pain, and longing. Strong feelings that overwhelm you when you think of the life that you have lost. Its personal, deep soulsearching.

“Too many kintypes” is when you look at a character and go ‘lol, yup, that’s me” and add them neatly to your list without a further thought about it. 

Too many kintypes is collecting kintypes for the sake of it, or because they remind you of yourself, or you relate to them a lot, or you like them.

Too many kintypes is having kintypes that don’t wake you up in the middle of the night with cold sweats of fear and loss.

Too many kintypes is finding a kinself in every fiction you watch/read.

Too many kintypes is when it cheapens the experience of being kin.