What is Fictionkin? An exploratory definition

What is Fictionkin?

It’s difficult to find a short definition for fictionkin that everyone who uses the label can agree on. You can probably find more definitions of the word than there are people to ascribe to it.

The best short definition that I can come up with is.

Fictionkin; (noun): A person who discovers that they have in some way inherited the soul/spirit/complete mentality of a fictional character and the identity of that character is in some way mixed with their current human/earthly identity.

Being fictionkin is like having a past life. In fact, for many fictionkin this is exactly what it is. Many fictionkin believe that they are the reincarnation of a particular fictional character, or member of a fictional species.

Of those kin who do not believe they are reincarnated, some of them believe that they are simultaneously incarnated- that is, living one life here, while at the same time living the life of a fictional character in another universe.

Others believe that their spirit somehow crossed a barrier and was incarnated in this world.

And some people who call themselves fictionkin believe that they are psychologically identical to a character, rather than spiritually.

A lot of people when they hear about fictionkin immediately think that it sounds like an extreme, or ‘crazy’ belief. This is understandable, from the point of view of someone who has never felt or experienced the things that fictionkin have. Fictionkin do not come to these beliefs lightly, but rather after long periods of soul searching. For those of us who have experienced these phenomena, being fictionkin is the only comprehensible explanation