Hey, you seem to be very informed about fictionkin, and know a lot about it. I just wanted to ask something. I am fiction-hearted with this one character (Peridot from Steven Universe) and I’m questioning whether or not I am kin with her. My feelings for this character came out of the blue, but I’ve felt really connected to her, although she’s the least I can relate to personality-wise. I’ve mentally shifted as her twice and dreamed of being her. I feel a weird happiness seeing art of her too.

It sounds like no matter what you have a deep connection with Peridot, like you’ve already described as fiction-hearted. I think from what you’ve said its worth questioning if you’re actually kin of her. I think its telling that you don’t see your personalities as particularly similar. When you mentally shifted, how did you feel? Try to do some meditating and questioning internally to see if you can find any memories of being her. If you end up having memories, that’s pretty clear evidence of being kin rather than hearted.

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