kin memories are this big gray cloud for me because logically they don’t make any sense, but here i am having weird tiny glimpses into the life my character had. i am confused and scared. i do not understand this phenomenon and i would very much like to, seeing as i think it’s happening to me. help please thank you

Kin memories are quite often really confusing, unfortunately. Most of the time they don’t happen in any sensible order, or have much context to them, they’re fragments and they’re hard to understand. They’re bizarre, because they;re memories, but they don’t have any attachment to the life we’ve lived here on earth.

The best thing is when a kin memory happens, just to let it happen, and accept it for what it is. When you have time, you can take it apart mentally. Relive it in your mind, write about it, do whatever you can to make it clearer. But I think the best thing is to just initially accept them and basically ‘deal with them later’. 

If you have a lot of small memories, try to make a timeline, when you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it might help them make more sense emotionally.

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