Sometimes I feel like my canon events as Luke were “too mushy” and seem fake because like, after the OT, pretty much nothing catastrophically bad happened? Like I just lived my life and was happy, and so was everyone else. 

And it feels weird, like, where’s the intrigue? The plot? 

And then I remember that my life wasn’t a story, it was real life. I was born and I died and in between those two events I did some cool stuff. 

idk why this is going on this blog, but I figure it’s at least a little bit related to feeling “valid” and the issues that arise from that. 

If you think your memories are weird, or differ too much from canon, just try and remember that that was your life. It happened. It may be weird, or uncomfortable, or just straight up boring, but it’s yours, and nobody else can really take that away from you. 

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