Anti-otherkin remind me of those really aggressive Christians that will absolutely hound people of different faiths than them (especially atheists, from what I’ve seen), telling them that they’re bad and going to hell for not believing in God, that they need to visit the Christians’ church right now to atone for their sins (cue them having pamphlets and the like shoved into their arms), etc. etc.

I mean, they’re trying to force their own beliefs on us, or even things that are outright untrue, and all while trying to say we either have some sort of psychological problem, or are just doing it for attention. They tell us that they’re “just trying to help!” and that they just want us to “stop being otherkin and realize [insert weird narrative involving humanity that most of us are already fully aware of OR insert something about otherkin being harmful/dangerous/etc. HERE]!” It’s a load of shit, and really fucking annoying to boot.

They generally come in three of four flavors.

-The Aggressive Atheist
Rude, loud, uninformed, disrespectful, claims that your spiritual belief is false due to a lack of evidence, despite a lack of evidence for something not being evidence against something.

-The “Concerned” Individual
“I just want you guys to get help.” (Probably just wants otherkin to get off *their* precious Internet.)

-The Delusion Peddler
You get a delusion, you get a delusion, everyone gets a delusion! If this flavor disagrees with you, no matter on what, they’re gonna call you delusional, and then call you delusional again when you point out how the thing in question isn’t a delusion. Bonus points for ableism.

-The Disgruntled Artist
Artist, just hates otherkin for some reason. Don’t you even dare breathe on their work if you happen to be otherkin. (Note: Different from artists who don’t want their art tagged as kin. Those guys are usually okay to great, and their request is totally reasonable.)

Apparently we’re doing harm somehow? These guys seem to think so. I guess. “AN OTHERKIN? ON *MY* TUMBLR? IT’S MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK.”


-The Antikin Otherkin
Supposedly otherkin, but does real shady things, like severe gatekeeping, claiming appropriation on any fictionkin that even dares to have a kintype outside of their race, minimodding of the kin community, claiming oppression, claiming that otherkin is a gender, generally makes us look bad.

-The Failed Troll/Parody
Seriously guys you’re not even funny. Characterized by “um, sweaty,” “uwu,” “tumblr genders,” and like five thousand kintypes. Bonus points for objectkin or ridiculous factkin. Somehow, people take them seriously.

-The Screenshotter
Screenshots otherkin posts so the OP won’t know they’re being mocked, because somebody’s afraid of the Big Bad Otherkin for some reason. Generally mistakes troll and parody posts for real. Extremely mockable. Bonus points for extra cowardice.

This is…pretty accurate, not gonna lie.

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