i had to drop a kintype due to the race issue that i didnt exactly know much about until now. i’m really upset but i dont want to piss anyone off

Why telling people to change/repress/drop kintypes is psychologically harmful and abusive

  • you are putting the theoretical momentary ‘offense’ of a group of people over the real, sustained feelings and mental health of a person who has to live with them day to day.
  • you are telling someone to change a part of their core identity to be more socially appropriate
  • a kintype is a discovered reason for feelings and memories that already existed in a person. By telling them to ignore that kintype, you are asking them to decontextualize potentially traumatic memories and experiences.
  • you are telling them their emotional and psychological needs and health are unimportant to you.
  • a kintype is not something someone choses. Telling someone to drop one is telling them to do something literally impossible.
  • Telling a person to repress their kin memories is like telling them to repress childhood memories
  • Ignoring a kintype won’t make it go away, it will only make the effect that kintype has on someone more confusing and upsetting. (effects like memories, supernumerary phantom limbs, feelings of loss and grief, etc)

Yes, this list is somewhat repetitive, but it’s important that people understand these points. Telling people to repress/drop/change kintypes is harmful, no matter what.

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