Send help -dragon edition



Alright I am feeling wings/spine and its lowkey painful and uncomfortable. I normally don’t get much phantom shifts but this is fucking powerful and uncomfortable as hell. 

I don’t know why this is happening or what could even have triggered it. 

This happened later today and left my back feeling sore and stiff. 

It was weird af. Since I am not used to this? 

So anyone have any helpful tips because… this is fucking killing me. 

Also I can’t move em try as I might. I end up getting a lot of muscle spasms. 

Phantom muscle spasms? I didn’t know it was possible… 

Whatever its uncomfortable send help. 

I don’t normally talk about these things on here, but I am a little desperate at the moment. 


Boosting this! Does anyone have more experience with painful/unresponsive phantom wings/limbs?

My personal recomendation would be to lay down and try visulatization. Imagine someone massaging the pain and kinks out of the wings and moving them gently until they regain their strength.

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