Can you explain what median systems are a little bit? I feel like I might be one, because of the way my shifts(?) feel, but I’m not really sure. I consider my kintypes past lives, but sometimes in shifts I feel like I still am them and sometimes forget I’m not.

Here are some definitions of median systems:

Median System: Typically described as being on a spectrum between singlet and multiple. Headmates in a median system may not be as independent as those in multiple systems. They may share similar traits and interests and even names. (link)

the general concept behind being a median is that it represents a grey area between the state of one singular identity and more than one identity. a median may feel like the different states are amplified components of their identity, distinct enough to be notably different but not enough to have their own identities and sense of self. (link)

multiple systems, as stated above, are different and separate people sharing a body. median systems are different people sharing a body, but they may not be separate people. median systems usually have a central identity that is shared communally between all system members and, therefore, some consider median systems to be “in the middle” between singlets and multiple systems. another name for median systems, in this vein, is “mid-continuum” systems, but we’ve never heard a system refer directly to themselfs as a mid-continuum system, so it’s best to stick with median. (link)

Probably the main characteristic distinguishing medians from singlets and multiples is the presence of more than one person in the body, but without the independence of persons in a multiple system. Persons in a median system may be dependent upon a single individual (who may have created them at some point), and unable to exist without that central person. Some people in a hostingsituation might think of themselves as median. (link)

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