Could you explain kinshifts?

A shift is an altered state, either mental, emotional, or spiritual, that a shifter experiences where they take on the traits of their kintype more heavily than they generally experience them.

For instance a wolfkin might experience a shift where they perceive their teeth to be longer, or their sense of smell to be heightened, or where they have an intense craving for raw meat.


From kinmunity’s definitions:

Shifting – The term “shifting” is primarily used in reference to therianthropy (but also applies to otherkin) and describes when an individual ‘becomes’ more like their theriotype/kintype in a non-physical manner.

(M)ental Shift – A shift in which a shifter takes on the mentality of their theriotype(s)/kintype(s).

(D)ream Shift – A shift in which a shifter shifts into their theriotype or kintype while dreaming.

(Ph)antom Shift – A shift in which a shifter feels a “phantom limb” sensation.“; For example, the shifter may feel ears and a tail, or paws instead of hands.

©ameo Shift – A shift into a being that is not the shifter’s theriotype or kintype.

(S)pirtual Shift – This is a rather vague term to describe any sort of shift with a spiritual undertone. It most frequently refers to when a shifer’s Aura, Astral body, or spiritual self takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype.

(Se)nsory Shift – A shift in which the shifter experiences a state of perceived heightened or reduced sense of awareness often in-line with their theriotype or kintype; eg. wolves may claim better sense of smell, etc. This type of shifting relies on perception of information, as it is not possible to smell, see, hear, and so forth beyond what is humanly possible.

(A)ura Shift – A shift where a shifter’s Aura (specifically) takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype.

(Bi)location Shift – A shift in which the shifter’s theriotype or kintype leaves their “human” body and materializes elsewhere; It is very similar to an “out of body experience”, but instead of the “spirit body” being the human body, it is the body of the theriotype or kintype of the shifter.

(As)tral Shift – A shift that takes place in the astral plane. It is commonly used to refer to shifting which takes place during Astral projection.

(Be)serker Shift – A shift in which the shifter loses control of themselves and begins to act more like their kintype than human. This type of shift could be an extreme mental shift, or any shift combined with a manifestation of mental illness. The general community consensus is that these types of shifts are extremely unhealthy.

(P)hysical Shift – When one physically shifts into their theriotype or kintype. It is scientifically impossible to P-Shift.

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