Another warning


Before you read this, if you click any of the links to their blog, please do it with something to hide your ip. It’s been confirmed that they have an ip tracker on their blog and it’s better to not put yourself at risk.

Systemhop is a really shitty blog. They attacked and stalked a suicidal person for pretty much no reason last night, also blaming them for something their host wrote and this proves that they don’t care who they hurt with their blog and they don’t care about any of the communities they claim to care about and are just running their blog for the sake of harassing people.

I’ve kind of been joking about this blog a lot, but after last night I’ve realized just how malicious they really are.

They’ve attacked people for having kintypes outside of their race even though they have admitted they aren’t even a kinblog and have no right to talk about kin things.

They’ll pretty much accept anything as a reason for why someone is “fake” and most of the time do very little research on the people submitted.

Even if you think gatekeeping is a good thing they are very careless with their criteria for “fake systems” and will go after people for really small things that are really big stretches even for a gatekeeping blog.

If you are pro self diagnosis for systems then you should know that they are against this kind of self diagnosis and think that no one can even tell they are a system without a professional telling them what to do.

They have also suicide baited people before which explains why they didn’t care what happened last night.

If anyone has anything to add to this list feel free to. I’m pretty sure they’ve done more than this.

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