Hey! Is it possible to identify as a place ? I always feel nostalgic when I look vintage circus pictures and the ambivalence between cheerfulness and eeriness fascinate me. As a disabled and autistic girl, I have a very strong connection with freak-shows (maybe I was in one of them in my past life, who knows ?) . I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but it remind me of my own mind: full of whismy, wonder and playful chaos. What do you think about it? :Does “Circuskin” exist ? :/

Please do not take this response as a criticism of your feelings or emotional connections. What you are feeling is completely valid and awesome, the only thing I will be critiquing is your vocabulary/word choice.

In order for something to be a kintype, it pretty much has to have at least a  rudimentary identity and perception of itself (be sentient or have a soul/spirit/consciousness.)

A kintype is not the same thing as an aesthetic. You in generally can’t call something a kintype if its something like, a time period, a type of clothing or fashion, a style or piece of music, a location, etc.

The exception is if you personally believe that the location/time period/etc in question DID/DOES have a sense of self awareness and identity.

For instance if you believe that your kintype is a particular magical circus that had a personality and awareness, or you believe that circuses in general are self-aware, then yes, it could be a kintype.

However, otherwise, the avenues I would explore if you believe your identification as a circus is linked to being kin, would be: did you perhaps have a kintype that spent their life involved with a circus? For example, a ringmaster or someone from a freak show? Someone for whome the circus would feel familiar and ‘right?’.

Don’t get me wrong, it is totally possible for you to feel like you identify ‘as a circus, clowns, tents, freakshow and all, but it wouldn’t be a kintype. 

I believe that some people use the word ‘aeslink’ or aesthetic link, for this kind of relationship and identity! I hope that helps!

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