I know this is just me, because I was raised in a different environment with a different sense of language. But adding -kin to everything is weird to me. Still! I’m a dragon, not dragonKIN. I’m Ichigo, not IchigoKIN.

Just sounds cheesy and patronizing, like I’m just associating myself with something, and god if tumblrkin haven’t made it so much worse. I’m very grateful to have family around who I can just talk to about stuff without having to call myself a kin.

i don’t have any troubles with -kin because i was brought into the community on it and it doesn’t seem weird at all to me. i know that kin really means “related to”, but i’m attached to the suffix and i just don’t like any of the other options i’ve seen. i definitely don’t want to call myself a wyvern otherkin(too wordy) or a wyvern person, and i’m not a wyvern therian at all so i don’t want to use that word.

“kinning” and “kins” does irritate me as well, though.

I hear you. I’m not saying it’s obsolete or even suggesting it should be dropped from use by actual kin, I just… personally dislike it, and tumblrkin made that mild dislike a little worse.

We just call ourselves what we are, rather than needing to clarify anything else. “A dragon” is sufficient, rather than needing to add person or therian or anything like that.

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