I don’t really get why anti therians/otherkin exist – if my friend told me they were otherkin or a therian, I’d be OK with that.


These types of people only validate their own existence by trying to put other people down. They can piss me off, but at the end of the day, I pity them. They don’t have anything more meaningful to do with their lives? Now, I know they say that about us too, spending all of our time doing nothing but talking about this non-human, animal-people stuff. But they are so small-minded that they can’t understand that there is a reality beyond what they see on Tumblr. We are out there doing other stuff, working, being with friends and family, going to school, etc. I like eating my oatmeal for breakfast every morning while reading the news. I have my coffee too. And we’re not focusing on the non-human aspect of our lives throughout most of that. These antikin don’t realize that what they see about us here is concentrated. They can’t get that through their heads. They are the ones more obsessed with it than us. Tumblr allows us a moment to wave at each other from across the street as we go by, going about our lives like regular people more or less.

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