A reminder to newer (and some older) soulbonders






Soulbonds are sentient beings who sometimes happen to be the non fictional counterparts from other places to fictional characters. They are people and deserve to be treated like people and not like fictional characters that you can play with as you want to.

For some people it might be easy to forget this because they are nonfictional counterparts to fictional characters, but you have to remember that they are people and should be treated as such.

People should never be traded or owned.

If you’ve been “trading” soulbonds because you feel like you are entitled to as their host, then you need to stop and look at what you are doing.

If you can send soulbonds over to someone and they want to go visit someone else then that is fine, but exchanging soulbonds and forcing them to leave just because you want your friend’s “cooler” bonds is wrong and it reduces them to nothing more than objects that can be played with, bought, or sold.

If you are someone who has been doing this then please stop. I’ve been hearing things about people in the community doing this and it is pretty horrible for people to treat their soulbonds like this.

People have been spreading this horrible behavoir around and telling others to do it too and that it’s ok. If you are new to the community please don’t do this. It may look “cool” and “fun” but when you do it you are dehumanizing real people and it is wrong.

Remember, a host never “owns” their soulbonds. We just happen to be the people they hang out with or are stuck with.

#like i mean. treating ur fellow sysmembers as people is#p much the respectful thing to do no matter your system type

We agree wholeheartedly, @happiness-is-happening, but the soulbonding community in particular seems to have the biggest problem with disrespecting those with whom they share mental space. 

I am not accusing my Acolyte of this, because they are intelligent enough to realize that we are people with our own identities and our own agency (which is really the bare minimum, and should not be as rare a thing as it is), but I have seen many soulbonders in this community who have given away their soulbonds as birthday presents or traded them for “better” ones, as if we were nothing but collectible toys.

-R. Prydonius

To be honest, the fact that this is a thing that happens is absolutely mind boggling to me. 

I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just… Can’t fathom what would have to be going through someone’s mind for them to think this is okay. 

My guess is because they see the soulbonds who are nonfictional counterparts to fictional characters and think that they can manipulate them to their will much like someone manipulates the characters when making fanworks.

These people from what I’ve seen tend to be newer younger soulbonders and I suspect they don’t have a very good grasp on what soulbonding is.

Hopefully if enough of us in the community with more experience can discourage this behavior it will be a trend that dies out.

We/I didn’t do anything quite this bad, but I did/encouraged some sketchy not-so-good stuff up until I was 14 or 15 because I really didn’t know any better; I was just a kid, I thought of my headmates as their own people but not enough to not do some weird shit that I’ve since had to apologize for

and while I’m sure that some of these kids will either grow out of it or throw away soulbonding all together, it’s always good to remind them that, you know, their headmates are their own people as much as the person physically sitting next to you, and you have to respect people and their autonomy


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