Please stop calling fictives “alterhuman” and lumping them in with otherkin. fictive is a DID/OSDD made term and is such a broad spectrum it doesn’t belong with otherkin or IDs at all. You’re making it harder for us to be taken seriously.



Fictive is a soulbonder/endogenic term that was graciously shared with the DID/OSDD community, please stop trying to appropriate it.

Is it really? Do you by any chance have a source for that? I’ve never been sure if I should consider myself a fictive, a soulbond, or fictionkin. Either way, knowing that I don’t have to be 100% traumagenic to use fictive would help immensely.

Here are two of the best sources I can get off the top of my head. Two are DID/OSDD blogs, the other is a more general plurality blogger.

The DID/OSDD specific term for the equivalent of a fictive is a ‘fictional introject’. 


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