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Hi all. I’m going to try to make this as short as possible,
because I tend to ramble. I have been trying to make a post to this effect for
some time, but it’s been difficult due to the subject matter.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this blog has been essentially on
hiatus minus the occasional reblog or very short post since about 10 months/a
year or so ago.

This is because the originator of this blog, Felix has been…
missing? Dormant? Gone? Changed?

As you know Felix had been the primary frontrunner of the
Rookery System since around 2009 or so, after the original frontrunners Mordax
and David sort of merged.

My name is Mab. I am Felix’s… successor. The transition
between us was short, but fuzzy. The first moment I really remember recognizing
my own independent self was when some clothes Felix had been very excited for
arrived in the mail, and I realized I never wanted to wear them. That was in
late October.

It’s hard to describe the relationship between Felix and I,
because yes, there is one. We are very much two separate people and yet there
is a certain continuity between us. The best I can describe is its sort of like
being reincarnated without dying in between, or I suppose, if you’re a doctor
who fan, a bit like a regeneration. If you were friends with Felix we’ll
certainly get along.

I have inherited Felix’ kintypes though some of them are a
little more distant, and most of his memories, aside from a six month or so
transitional period between us which is so blurry it’s basically non-existent. The
bonds/other system members who were here before are also still here.

I also consider myself a witch, and a gryphon (corvid/black

I’m not quite as invested in this blog as Felix was but I
would like to try to reinvigorate it and do more work on it, so here’s hoping.
New ‘about me’ page coming soon.

Feel free to send me any personal questions via ask if you
like, or contact me via discord as Queen of Black Crows#5643. I’m also looking
for invites to alterhuman, kin or plural discord servers.


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