Introducing Other Souls Network v2.0!



What Is Other Souls Network?

Other Souls Network is an 18+ Discord server for people with spiritual alterhuman experiences to discuss these experiences in an environment that promotes mutual understanding, introspection, and personal growth. We aim to be a space for both serious discussion and lighthearted chatter with those who share similar explanations for their experiences.

As psychological and neurological explanations for otherkin and alterhuman experiences have become increasingly mainstream, there are fewer spaces devoted solely to spiritual and metaphysical alterhumanity. We firmly believe in the value of options: spaces for different kinds of people to come together, and also spaces where those who have specific kinds of experiences can discuss them together. This is intended to be the latter, but those who experience multiple kinds of nonhuman experiences, or who are still exploring possible explanations for their experiences, are welcome.

What can I expect if I join?

Right now we are a largely freeform server, without scheduled meetups. We often discuss different types of spiritual experiences, magical theory, relationships with canon (for mediakin), the intersection of physical or mental illness with metaphysics, what we had for dinner, and the weird questions that keep us up at night. We have a questioning channel for folks who are exploring new possibilities, but it is strictly optional. Our creativity channel features artwork and fiction posts from members. Humor and off-topic discussions are welcome.

Who might not find this space helpful?

Those who believe in a strictly psychological or non-spiritual otherkin or plural experience are not likely to benefit much from membership. Those who believe in p-shifting, the fall of the veil and other, similar topics will likely not find an audience here. Those who are not comfortable with any questions about their beliefs will likely be uncomfortable. White supremacists, Nazis, TERFs and so on are unwelcome and will be banned.

What’s the process for new members?

If you’re interested in joining, go ahead and fill out the form here. You’ll get an invite to look over the rules, post an introduction and chat a bit in the welcome room so we can answer any questions that you have about the server. If we have any concerns, we’ll bring them up at that point as well, but this is mostly a troll deterrent.

What are our future plans?

We recognize that there is a need for smaller spaces in the community that is not currently being met, and our current goal is just to help encourage that and give people who identify as otherkin, mediakin, and / or plural a place to discuss metaphysical and spiritual topics and implications as well as chat. Individual server members have their own, related projects for the community, which we aim to encourage and support. If you’re looking for people to cheer you on and bounce ideas with while you build resources and write essays, we’d love to have you.

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