Mail Bag 6/2/2020

Some responses to questions originally sent to our tumblr.

1: Actual fictionkin don’t use (unjokingly) the terms “kinning” or “kinnie”; those are words used by people (usually children) who aren’t actually kin to appropriate our terminology and spaces.

2: If you don’t identify as a character then no, they’re not a kintype and you’re not fictionkin. If you claim to be kin without actually believing yourself to be that character you are in fact a “kinnie” (in the derogatory sense.)

3: There are lots of words for having a strong emotional or pyschological bond with a character. Everything from “hearttype” to “really enjoying that character.”

If you’d like to know more, feel free to message me again or read on my website: fromfiction (dot) net.

If that’s true then by using the term “kinnie” for yourself you are deliberately associating yourself with people who devalue and make a joke of your own existence as kin. Good job!

Its literally a word that the actual fictionkin community came up with to refer to people posing and making a joke of being fiction. Learn some community history. See also: wishkin, tumblrkin

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