Kin & Roleplay

There is nothing wrong with roleplay. Roleplay is a medium through which many people create or call fictives, find out that they are multiple, or call soulbonds to them. Some fictionkin roleplay as their kinselves in order to explore their identity, cope with feelings of loss, or discover memories.


Even if kin, fictives, or soulbonders roleplay that does not make them “just roleplayers”. 

There is a huge difference between just roleplaying a character, and a fictive or soulbond fronting.

Kin, fictives, and soulbonds all have real personalities, real feelings and desires, hopes dreams and fears. They are not playthings (even if they agree to play in rp), they are real people.

Please do not treat fictives, kin, or soulbonders like rpers or rp characters.