Instant Connections and Questioning

Sharing some of my personal journey with you all.

I spent a while last night (and before, but its funny that it was specifically last night) scrutinizing my feelings and connections, wondering if I might be Felix (from FE3H), which didn’t seem quite right;

only to wake up and be slapped in the face with the new DLC character Yuri who just…well I feel something there.

Obviously, I don’t know anything at all concrete about this character so far, so there’s no comparison points or meter-stick to judge if I might be connected to him. Whatever it is I’m feeling is going to need way more introspection, research and scrutiny.

However there’s no way I can deny that sometimes one just ‘has a feeling’ upon seeing a character for the first time. There’s that instant moment of “oh”.

And sometimes that bares out and sometimes it doesn’t, but it sure is a feeling.

I have about a month between now and the time the DLC comes out to do some of that introspection beforehand, and see if my ‘feelings’ sync up in any way with what is presented on screen.

The questioning process, as I’ve said to people before, is hard. Its confusing, and it involves a lot of self reflection and self scrutiny. Back in “the day” before everyone was worried about trolls and randos and others coming in and blasting them over their personal business, we as a community used to be a lot more open in discussing this process as it happened to us.

In the spirit of that nostalgic openness I may share some of my questioning as it occurs.

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