Fictionkin FAQ 2020

What is fictionkin?

Fictionkin is the term for the persistent and involuntary belief that one shares a self/identity with a fictional character, generally by way of reincarnation or other cross-dimensional spiritual travel or ties.

What is a kintype?

Kintype is the term for a character that a fictionkin person is. Usage: “Legolas is my kintype.”

Why be fictionkin?

People who truly believe they are fictionkin do not have a choice in the matter. They have a persistent spiritual belief that the truth of their kintype is a concrete and unshakable spiritual reality that cannot be changed. 

What’s the difference between otherkin and fictionkin?

An Otherkin’s kintype is a general member of a non-human species and a non-specific fictional source (ex. Unicorn, elf).. A Fictionkin’s kintype is a specific character or a member of a human or non-human species from a specific fictional source (ex. Charizard, Legolas).

Can I choose my kintype?

No. See “why be fictionkin.” A kintype is something that happens to you, not a choice or a game.

Are fictionkin mentally ill?

Fictionkin identities are not related to mental illness.Being fictionkin is not a mental illness or sign of one. Some fictionkin are mentally ill in addition to being fictionkin.

Are fictionkin all kids or teenagers?

No. There are plenty of kin who are in their 20s and 30s who have held their beliefs for a decade or more.

Are fictionkin just roleplaying?


Are fictionkin just big fans of a character?


What are “kinnies” “wishkin” or “tumblrkin?”

People who pretend to be fictionkin for fun. Many of them are under the mistaken belief that all fictionkin are roleplayers or just big fans.

Are “kinnies” Fictionkin?

No. They’re roleplayers or fans of characters.

Do fictionkin have Kinsonas?

No. Fictionkin have kintypes. “Kinsonas” are a kinnie invention.

Do fictionkin have “kins” or practice “kinning”?

No, these are kinnie terms. Actual fictionkin do not use these terms unless they are being ironic or joking.

Are fictionkin art thieves?


Are fictionkin breaking copyright law?


Do fictionkin expect to be treated as their kintype?

No. A kintype is a part of a fictionkin person’s overall total identity and additionally their beliefs about their experiences as their kintype may be very different than how that character is presented in fictional canon.

Since fictionkin believe they’re characters that means they have no human rights?

Fictionkin are real people living with you in the real world. Please treat the other people sharing your world with you with basic respect.

Do fictionkin believe they should be able to control what people know or believe about the character who is their kintype?

No. Best practice for fictionkin is to keep their beliefs and identity out of fandom. Many fictionkin stay out of the fandom for their kintypes altogether. Those who do participate in fandoms their kintypes are related to keep their fandom separate from their personal beliefs and allow others fans to enjoy fiction as fiction.

Should you call someone by the name of their kintype?

You should ask any fictionkin what they would like to be called.

Do fictionkin believe that fictional characters should have human rights, or that fictional character’s feelings matter as much as the feelings of a real person?

No. Fictionkin treat works presented as fiction, as fictional works outside of fictionkin contexts and spaces.. Best practice for fictionkin encountering content related to their kintype that makes them uncomfortable is the same as anyone encountering fiction that makes them uncomfortable; block, ignore and move on.

How long have fictionkin been around? Did it start on tumblr?

Fictionkin did not start on tumblr. The origins of the modern fictionkin movement trace back to around 2006, and in Otherkin spaces even earlier. The first large fictionkin community was congregated on Livejournal in the mid-late 2000s and at the time was referred to as “Otakukin”.