Spell to help regain Kin Memories


(I have been working on this post for several days, so its kind of funny to see mod Portal’s most recent post. Synchronicity perhaps? 

Spell to help regain Kin Memories

You will need

  • quiet space
  • white candle
  • lilac or periwinkle
  • small token of your kin life (picture or object)

In your quiet space, arrange the items with the lilac or periwinkle to the north of the candle.

Sit, or stand comfortably at the South of the candle, facing it.

Hold your token in your hand.

Say each line of the chant below slowly, and pass your token over the flame of the candle repeatedly, once with each line.

//My world, I will remember
My friends, I will remember
My love, I will remember
My deeds, I will remember
My body, I will remember
My life, I will remember.
All that is lost, return to me.//

Hold the token to your forehead, and then blow out the candle.

Take the flower and the token, and place them under the pillow of your bed. Leave them there while you sleep.

The spell is intended to invoke kin memories while you fall asleep and dream, but you may also experience memory flashbacks during the spell itself.

-Mod Felix of @fromfiction

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