An Introduction


A week or so ago now, at the time of writing, I submitted what might optimistically be called a prologue to the blog @fromfiction

The owner and operator thereof has been a friend of mine for a good many years, and we’ve had our share of conversations about the ineffable and strange. He said he wished I’d write some of the crazy shit that comes out of my mouth when it was late and we had had a proverbial beer or two down.  I said I’d think about it.

I thought about it for awhile.

Eventually, and tentatively, I decided that the lonesomeness outweighed the compulsion to maintain my thin veneer of normalcy.  Courage bolstered by the relative anonymity that the internet can offer, I wrote my three page appeal to the world at large to hear me and maybe, just maybe, echo back.

The response frankly surprised me.

Now, expecting no such lightening to strike twice, per se, I’ve put together this little nest from which to bark into the darkness about my strangeness.  Maybe find others who bark the same song, or something like it.

So hello, out there.  It looks like you’ll hear more from me, at least now and then.

Who am I, what am I, why am I and where have I been.  All good questions.  I guess I’ll reflect on them here.

And other things.

Maybe that’s a discussion we’ll end up having together, if you stay a little longer.

You should all defintely be following my friend @iambutamodestmonster who is one of the most eloquent people about the non-human condition that I know.

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