To “Ex-otherkin”


In reference to recent drama, I’d like to address the topic of ex-otherkin. If one is to be “ex-otherkin” it may mean one of two thigs. First, they decided that they have a nonhuman identity but do not want to use the word otherkin for whatever reason. Second and more common, they no longer use the term otherkin because they discovered they do not identify as nonhuman. I have no problem with either group. You can choose to not apply a label to yourself, and you can make mistakes about who you are. Soul searching and discovering yourself takes a decades, and you can’t expect every label you use during that time to stick forever.

However, it is not okay to say that your experiences are universal. This is directed at those ex-otherkin who claim to have “overcome their delusions” and wish for others to see the light. Just because you made a mistake does not mean that othrrs have made it as well. And if they did, it is their perogative to discover that for themselves. It is an individual journey to learn about ourselves, and you projecting your own shortcomings onto others is just plain rude. Otherkin is a very personal thing, so you can’t claim to understand that everyone is delusional based on your own experience with your own identity.

In fact, it is likely that those who “overcome their delusions” of being otherkin are those who were not otherkin in the first place. Our identities and experiences aren’t just something we can poof away. If you can magically make them stop, then it is likely your identities and experiences were built upon a falsity to begin with.

Just because it was a phase for you does not mean it is a phase for others.

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