Listen. This is a post for all non-kin, anti-kin, and extremely misinformed otherkin out there: Otherkin is not an LGBT identity.

Otherkin isn’t a sexual orientation, nor a gender identity. Being otherkin is non-physically (most frequently spiritually or psychologically) identifying as non-human–and yes, I’m looking at all the people who claim “I can define the word otherkin and how it applies to everyone however I want, there is no set definition of otherkin! uwu” when I say this, because that type of mindset and incorrect information is a part of why people misunderstand what otherkin is so frequently. 

Implying that otherkin is, somehow, an LGBT identity is harmful both to the otherkin community and the LGBT community, because you’re blatantly ignoring what both communities are about, and spreading complete misinformation on them at the same time. This also applies to the fictionkin community and the LGBT community, and any other community found under the alterhuman umbrella as well.

Imo this whole identity politics bs is really getting out of hand.

Species identity is not gender identity is not sexuality. 

Do not conflate them.

If you think it’s okay to call species identity an LGBT identity, you have a LOT of learning to do and don’t actually care about the feelings, etc. of anyone belonging to either community.

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