Hello Felix! I’m the host of an endogenic system, and we recently realized that many syscoursers take issue with us using the term system, rather than believing us to be fake. However, the term collective has also been used by DID/DDNOS systems, not that we’d really enjoy using that word anyway. It feels too.. unfamiliar? Whereas we feel (mostly) tightly knit. Is there a word already in the community for specifically endogenic systems? If not, do you have any ideas?

Hooboy. Uh, I started using the word collective to avoid “system” syscourse. If people are taking issue with that too, I don’t really know what to tell you. As far as I’m aware no one has come up with a system synonym specifically for endogenics. (Honestly, because endogenics and traumagenics have been sharing language for ages up to this point without incident.

Maybe something like a mental ‘party’ or a ‘comradeship’. A ‘union’ maybe? Maybe just ‘a shared headspace’?

Honestly, the sad fact is that no term you pick to use is going to appease people who think that you& don’t exist and don’t have a right to exist.

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