@ the kinblog recommendation: theangrylionshark has actually called you a terrible source before and then said you weren’t a greymuzzle so uhh. idk if you want to rec them or not. that plus they refuse to listen to other opinions and went after kin-assistance’s Mod Lu for trying to fill a language gap. they’re very rude and condescending. sorry about that :C



Huh. Well, good to know. Shame about that.

As Mod Lu- yeah, pretty much. They went up one side of me and down the other for daring to say “kin of” instead of “kin with” or “my kintype is ____”. I got that from you and they had some choice words about that, and said something along the lines of “let them speak for otherkin and fictionkin, but they’re not a therianthrope so they can’t speak for us”, like they had some sort of superiority complex or something.
I can respect greymuzzles, and they know more than me. I’m not gonna listen if they’re condescending and rude, though.

They’ve got good info if you ignore their personality, but I’m not gonna deal with them personally. So, yeah.

Bluh. Sorry that happened! I had no idea they were rude to you (or me for that matter). Makes me sad. But not everyone loves my personality either I guess. :/ Oh well.

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