pros and cons of the forum ki*nmunity?



Oh jeez. You had to pick the one question I’m as clueless about as you are.
Um.. Ok.
So, from my (admittedly mostly second-hand) Experience with Ki*munity, I can say there are probably little to no “tumblrkin” there, but that comes with it’s own cost, for in exchange you have to be willing to be “grilled”, which is a relentless bombardment of questions designed to make you question every tiny aspect of your otherkinity.
Off the top of my head, I’d suspect that @elevengrackles and perhaps @hallowedbone could give you much better responses than me, so good luck.
(Fun fact, I once almost made a profile on ki*munity, but was intimidated away by it’s lengthy and restrictive terms and conditions)

Put it this way – anything I’d say about my experience with the place and the person who runs it I would rather say in private. Because the person who runs it is someone who will threaten legal action for negative review of the site and it’s community. Will stalk any social media you give them, and use intimidation tactics to frighten you into apologizing and removing whatever you said.

There are good people on the site, but it’s best to be avoided. You can find them and others elsewhere. Between the grilling, the general disdain for fictionkind, and the frankly insane owner (who more than once has made a fool of our communities in the public eye) it’s not a positive atmosphere for many. Those terms are no joke btw, as you literally sign away your right to express any opinion the owner doesn’t agree with, on or off-site.

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