Here’s another part about being “otherkin”: weak, uncoordinated individuals who don’t fit in with society are weeded out by natural selection. If you want to pretend to be non-human, you must accept the consequences of living as an animal who isn’t part of a modern human society.




This is hilarious because

a) Therians are fully functioning humans

b) That’s not how natural selection works

Interesting concept but a highly flawed one I’m afraid. This particular otherkin benches 240lbs, curls 70lbs on one arm and has survived numerous brushes with death. I wouldn’t be so quick to steriotype otherkin as being weak or prone to failure. I’ll also note that I currently hold a field management position in a fortune 250 company and my gross income averages around $55,000usd a year so please cast your frustration with your own life shortcomings elsewhere.

This is my favorite reply ever thank you

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