Is it possibly for past-life events to cause phobias now? I’m a character who had a very traumatic past and today I had a panic attack because I was reminded of something from back then. I feel kind of embarrassed because no one will take me seriously if I tell them.


Some people won’t take it seriously, but it is possible. Some struggle with them more, some less. Unfortunately there aren’t many people we can confide in for professional help (if desired), because it’s likely they’ll dismiss you as delusional, or at “best” just repressing real trauma with fantasy trauma.

There are a lot of problems with how mental illness is addressed today, and outright denial of other people’s realities because of personal biases is one of them. Especially in the west, where everything unusual and metaphysical is pathologized and dismissed based on it’s acceptability within modern medicine and certain prevailing cultural/religious beliefs. Trauma following a person from one life to another is offensive to many on these different angles. But you know what you’re feeling, and part of the reason we need alterhuman spaces to remain consistent and somewhat orderly is so that people like you can get the support from peers who understand you. We have to look out for each other’s wellbeing as much as we can, because very few others are going to care.

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