Hi all! As some of you may know in addition to writing about
kin stuff, I’m also a (unemployed)  graphic designer and illustrator. I’ve been
looking for a way for a while to put these skills back to work, and I’ve just
partnered up with Amazon Merch to sell original T-Shirt designs.

So far I have six designs available, and I plan to add more
every day.

If you buy two shirts right now (or one shirt and something
else on amazon) you’ll get free shipping, too.

And if you prefer to avoid amazon, or if you want one of the
designs on something that’s not a t-shirt (like a more flattering ladies shirt,
a hoodie, or even a clock) I have the same designs available on 



and teepublic!

If you buy on teepublic in the next 24 hours, the shirts are
on sale for only $14!

  • BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! If you buy one of my shirts and send
    me a message that you did, I will send you a free, original doodle based on your

If you don’t like the designs, or can’t buy a shirt right
now, please consider reblogging this post for me to help spread my designs.

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