please read if you run, or send questions to, a pendulum kin blog



i really think all pendulum kin blogs need to seriously consider what they’re doing. as a basic rule, you cannot tell anyone else what their kintypes are, nor can they tell you what yours are. if someone describes their experiences, you are free to give suggestions or help to them, but you cannot say with any certainty who or what they are ever. this is a very serious personal thing that takes time to understand and figure out, and your pendulum can help nobody but yourself figure this out. pendulums act on subconscious impulses, meaning if you want to learn things about yourself, they’re great, but they’re not great for telling anyone else who they are. 

ask yourself: how do you know you’re not just giving random answers to people? how do you know you’re not leading people astray by telling them their kintype is something it isn’t, or telling them their kintype isn’t something when it in fact is? 

i know people don’t mean any harm by this but it’s so irresponsible and has the potential to be very dangerous. the reason it’s really frowned upon to tell people what their kintype is is (a) it’s acting like you know someone better than they know themselves and (b) it’s extremely easy to manipulate people in this way (eg. telling someone their kintype is the same as yours, or that you knew each other in a past life in order to manipulate that person). 

i can guarantee you that if i sent in questions to different pendulum blogs asking if i am my kintype, i wouldn’t get all “yes” answers, so what makes you sure that your pendulum gives correct answers 100% of the time?

just because otherkin can be a spiritual concept doesn’t mean anyone should rely on a random person on the internet’s dubious magical abilities to tell them deep truths about themselves. i’m not saying all magic is false by any means, nor that pendulums are useless, but when you’re claiming to have access to knowledge of who that person is at their very core through just an (often) anonymous message on a website, you really need to rethink the place of authority you’re putting yourself in over impressionable people.

i’d mega appreciate any reblogs, i’m worried for the safety of young (and older) otherkin in the community 

Please don’t rely on divination as the only way to figure yourself out, especially when it’s coming from strangers on the interwebs. Self discovery, introspection, it doesn’t happen overnight. It can be slow, it’s often hard, but it’s totally worth it. Assuming that a stranger with a pendulum on the Internet has you figured out better than you is ultimately selling yourself short. You owe yourself better.

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