referring to alterhuman/nonhuman people who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to other alterhuman people and/or nonhumans. this can mean monsters, aliens, or mythical creatures – any intelligent nonhuman creature.

this is a term i’ve wanted for myself for a while. it’s inspired by achillean and sapphic kinda, but i don’t want to imply that just being medusan makes you queer or anything!! if ur a cishet alterhuman you can use this term but pls don’t call yourself lgbt bc of it. this is just a term i find helpful and think that other people will too ^^

  • purple represents alterhumanity. i chose a bright pale shade to reference ultraviolet – a color beyond human perception. this is supposed to represent the unseen nature of alterhumanity, an identity beyond normal human boundaries!
  • green represents nonhuman creatures. from dragons to zombies to little green men, lots of nonhumans are green! specially, this also references the snakes in medusa’s hair.
  • salmon represents love. but being an off-color from both pink and red, traditional love colors, it represents the uniqueness of medusan attraction and how it differs from human attraction to monsters etc
  • the triskelion is a symbol that has been used lots in heraldry as a symbol for medusa.

this term is for alterhumans only! i made this term bc i literally only experience attraction to monsters but talking to ppl from terato tumblr makes me as an alterhuman feel.. fetishized kinda? clearly i am experiencing a different feeling of attraction to monsters than human people are, and i think a lot of other alterhumans might feel like that too!

this is why i chose medusa to name the term after. regular humans who look upon her face turn to stone, but we’re not regular humans! we are perceiving a feeling of attraction that they simply can’t.

i hope other alterhumans find this as useful as i do ^^

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