Questioning your Questioning Process

This post is brought to us by reader and friend of the site Mari

When it comes to determining who you were in a past life, questioning is extremely important. Figuring out the difference between relating heavily to a character, and actually being them can be very difficult. I’d like to go over some questions that I personally ask myself when it comes to the questioning process.

  • Do you feel emotions towards people/places that rationally, you should not feel?
  • Does thinking about a character’s experiences give you a familiar, yet uneasy feeling?
  • Do you find yourself naturally taking the form of this character in your headspace?
  • Does the setting of the media you’re questioning seem strangely familiar, or feel like home?
  • Are you able to distance yourself from the media you’re questioning from, and have the feelings still persist?
  • Does being called by the name of the person you’re questioning feel ‘correct’?

This is by no means a ‘definitive guide’ to questioning. If you answer ‘yes’ to several of these questions, it’s important to continue analyzing your feelings. One thing to also keep in mind, is that it’s okay to be wrong! Even if you are wrong about who you’re questioning, the experience can help nudge you on the right direction to finding out who you really were.

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