I have trouble remembering things… I’ll get vague memories, or short ones, but not in-depth like yours are. Simple things, like holding someone’s hand or having a simple conversation. I don’t feel comfortable with astral projection and I have trouble relaxing to meditate. I just feel really invalid. Does that sound ridiculous?

I don’t think that sounds ridiculous at all. Most of my memories are small flashes, and sensations. A moment of the feeling of wind on my face, the memory of a skyline, the creases on someone’s face, a few words of conversation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, its the way memory tends to be!

If you feel comfortable with the memories you have, and don’t need to pursue longer/more in depth ones, then there’s no need for you to force yourself through meditation or astral projection. Most people don’t have long, or in depth memories, and there’s no need for you to feel invalid because of it.

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