in a sense, it is. though there’s also, for me, levels of how connected i feel to the kintype. like facts are facts and i know that im kin with specific characters because i have the memories.. but sometimes i dont want to be or i dont feel like i’ve retained much of my old selves/self whatever (grammer is confusing) in this life. it’s really hard to explain because not everyone who has kintypes will feel this way but for some of us, not all kintypes are equal, and we are valid

And that’s a fair way to feel, anon, and a fair way to categorize things for yourself. Like I said, I don’t actually have anything against people who rank their kintypes, to me its just a negative association. Every person I’ve met has had a subtly different reason for ranking their kintypes, and generally I nod, say ‘that makes sense’ and go on. Everybody’s kin experience is different.

For me, having 15 kintypes that I need to rank is a very foreign experience. I can’t really get there and imagine it mentally. But on the other hand, years ago, I couldn’t imagine even accepting that I have more than one kintype and now I have at least three.

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