I’m struggling with my mindset right now. Everything is chaotic. Before in my life I’d get the occasional flash, a feeling… but now its all the time. I feel wings ever moment of every day, the weight of them causing knots of tension in my back and shoulders that others can feel. I remember things, so clearly, all in a rush like years of forgotten life. I’m struggling to handle so many memories. You were the first blog I found that talked about it. Can you help me understand? I’m freaking out.

Anon, it sounds like you’re going through a very difficult, troubling time. The kin community would probably call what you’re going through an Awakening period, the time when you get the most memories and feelings of yourself and start to truly understand yourself as kin. It can be very hard.

I recommend you take times during the day to just focus on yourself in the here and now. Focus on friends and family, or whatever anchors you to this world. Treat yourself to nice foods, massages if you can get them– hot showers if you can’t. Do nice things for yourself.

But take time, too, each day, to let these things in. Process them. Figure out what they mean to you. Try not to let them overwhelm you. If you understand them, then you can begin to control them, or at least tame them.

These feelings you’re having, they’re real, and they are important. They are a part of you, but they’re not everything you are.

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