It seems like it isn’t too uncommon for fictionkin to have negative towards a fictotype while awakening as that fictotype. You tried to convince yourself you weren’t Pearl from Steven Universe, I felt like my world was falling apart and it was hard, almost painful, for me to read or look at anything involving my fictotype, and I’ve seen other fictionkin have negative reactions while awakening as fictionkin. Have you any idea why this is?

I don’t think its too surprising that a lot of people have a negative reaction toward awakening. There are days where I feel like a negative reaction is the only appropriate one really.

When you awaken as kin, often it means that you are remembering/feeling a pull towards a home and people that you will almost certainly never see again. It means feeling like you’re in the wrong body. It can mean feeling lost and alone. It can be painful just to contemplate. Realizing you have been thrown from one world, into another life, and that its not something you can change, or get back to, its hard.

In fiction, when we see the trope of a character who has been pulled out of their life, and put, unknowing and amnesiac into a mundane different little world– in fiction the goal of that character is to WAKE UP and return to their ‘real’ life, because this new life is wrong- often something done by a villain to get them out of the way.

But that’s not the case for us, anon. We’re here, for real, and for our whole lives. And its not a bad thing to be here. But it can hurt, a lot.

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