Are there things about how you were portrayed in canon that conflict with what you were actually like in those lives?

Lots and lots honestly.


The Digimon Kaizer was the result of inheriting part of my brother’s spirit, rather than a ‘dark seed’. I don’t remember the incident with Oikawa well, but I believe that the way he manipulated the other children was in some way copied from what happened to me.

Miyako and I did get married, as we did in canon, but we got divorced shortly there after.

I had a relationship with my (basically unseen in canon) police partner.


Trolls had tails

Lord English wasn’t Caliborn/the Cherubs didn’t exist

I gained the memories of Mindfang when I went through Ancestral Awakening.

I still don’t know exactly what happened in the end, but it was super different than in canon.


No *confirmed* differences yet, but in my timeline Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond

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