Hello there! I’m new to kin and I have a few questions of you don’t mind answering them! question 1) I think I might kin with a character and I’m not quite sure but I have extremely strong feelings toward said character and I’m not sure how to go about them. What does this mean? Question 2) Is it normal, when kinning, to think “that’s me!” when you see a character you have strong feelings toward? Thats all i have but thanks in advance for reading this and possibly answering! Have a good day!

Also I’m the anon from the last ask with the 2 questions. Sorry if i might have made any misconceptions! I’m very new to this aa

Hi there. Unfortunately you do have some misconceptions, which is okay! No one starts knowing everything.

First of all ‘kinning’ isn’t a good word to describe the experience of being kin.

Your other questions can probably be answered by these articles.





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