For any endogenic systems who use the label ‘soulbonding’ to refer to their ‘system’, please note that Soulbonding is the phenomena when writers and roleplayers feel their muse has taken a life of it’s own, and that ‘soulbonding’ like FromF!ction says is just a ‘funny game to do like systems do’, even appropriating aspects like system guardianship.

What you are doing, if you follow their website, is Tulpamancy. Actual soulbonding can be described as Accidental Tulpamancy, and if you do it on purpose, it’s just straight up Tulpamancy. 

My personal opinion is that people with thoughtforms (’tulpas’ is considered cultural appropriation by some because tulpamancy is not of western origin) can consider themselves Multiple, as there are entities sharing your body, but not Systems, because systems are created through trauma. We are not sharing the same experience.

If you realize that there are multiple entities sharing your body that you did not make, accidentally or not, please research DID, DDNOS, and Dissociative Disorders in general. A lot of endogenic non-tulpamancers either have repressed their trauma or are likely saying ‘it wasn’t that bad’, such as neglect, so please take time to research and take care of yourself.

Wow! What interesting misinformation!

Here’s an actual history of soulbonding and its relationship with multiplicity/plurality:

LOL that I somehow ‘made soulbonding up’. Some people don’t have memories past 2011 it seems.

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