Fictionkin Kintype Divination Tarot Spread

People are always looking for an easy way to
find their kintype, and often they turn to divination. Pendulum readings, as having
been practiced heavily on tumblr, I believe are completely useless given how
they lack nuance and interpretation.

But lately I’ve been working on a book of
fictionkin spells and magic, and while doing so, I feel that I hit on a way that
one could use divination to find a kintype. A tarot spread.

Obviously this tarot spread won’t give you the
name or series of your kintype, but it will be able to give you a place to
start looking, using the readings of the cards. 

It is a starting place, not an end or an answer by itself.

As always with tarot, cards should be read
symbolically and in harmony with the entire spread. This spread is best used
for a self-reading.

Please do not charge money for a reading with
this spread.

And of course if you’re not someone who
believes in magic/tarot cards, just ignore this!

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