My friend and I were talking about this over the course of the week and came to this conclusion:

No matter what, if you identify as a character (and not a species necessarily although that, too, might be the case) it is because of imprinting. You don’t see a single soul saying, “urgh I wish I wasn’t Griselda from Winx Club” because 90% of the ‘kin’ here pick their own damn kintypes anyways. If you pick your own kintype that’s enough to confirm that you have looked at a selection of characters and chosen those who have impacted them the most (thus create the sense of “I am this, this is me”).

It’s okay to do that, because everyone’s case is like this. You don’t feel you’re a character until you know they exist or until they’re created, right? A bunch of people have ‘kinfirmed’ Connorkin or something after watching playthroughs of or playing Detroit: Become Human. I knew two or three before this, and not once did I ever hear them say “I feel like I might be a sort of futuristic creature,” or, “Maybe I’m a robot of some sort,” nothing. And then as soon as, just coincidentally the most popular character, is shown in the game, they kin with it? It’s obvious imprinting, nothing more and nothing less.

My conclusion is that although the cause is imprinting and that might disprove a few beliefs people have, there are quite possibly infinite possibilities as to why such reactions happen as we are all different human beings with very different mind sets and even more different backgrounds. I’ll be happy to discuss this with anyone who wishes to talk further about this topic, I only beg of you to stay respectful :>

Nope, that’s not at all correct. Firstly, noncanon folks. Secondly, people DO ask that they weren’t fictionkin when they are – I used to be one of them for several years. Thirdly, it is quite common to know your fictotype before you see it in media, if you ever do.
I think you should do us fictionkin a favour and not try to dictate our identities. All you’re doing is being rude. Listen to us, learn from us, and if you’re not one of us, don’t try to tell us about our own identities. I guarantee you, we know more about it than you do.

Funny enough because one of my kintypes is from a show I’ve never watched.
I remembered some stuff before I even knew what the term fictionkin is and only know the exact character and source because a friend was watching it.

It happens more often than you think.

That is quite literally me with my newest-discovered fictotype. I still haven’t watched Saint Seiya and I should be, but until then, Fuck™. Had you pointed out the fictotype when I was eight, both me and my soulbond at the time would’ve known that it was just me if I dyed my hair blue.

Honestly, it’s only somewhat ironic when that happens.

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