Race Repost

I think there have been some misconceptions from non-kin about people who are fictionkin with a character who is another race.

People who are kin with someone of a different race:

  • do not invade or seek to participate in spaces or dialogues meant for people of the race of their character/kintype
  • do not seek to be acknowledged or treated as the race of their character/kintype
  • do not identify as the race of their character/kintype outside of kin spaces
  • do not claim to know or understand the race of their character/kintype as well as persons who are currently living lives as that race
  • do not want in any way to infringe on the rights of, or disrespect people of the race of their character/kintype
  • do not claim to be oppressed for being the race of their character/kintype

By all means, call individuals racist for specific behavior if they exhibit it.

However, someone is not racist simply because they are fictionkin of someone of another race.

We are all aware that we are not currently living the life of someone who is another race, even if we believe we were that race in another life.

What people say: “You can’t be kin of a non-white person if you are white!”

What it sounds like they’re saying: “It is empirically impossible for you to have had a past life or otherworldly experience in which you were a non-white person. You are now and will forever be white. Being a dog is totally possible. But it was definitely a white dog.”

What they’re probably trying to say: “I personally find it objectionable and racist that you would claim to have a past life/otherworldly experience as a non-white person.”

The truth: You can’t dictate someone else’s internal experience. If kin are not invading the spaces of POC, stop policing their internal experience.

Fictionkin is not something anyone volunteers to be. We don’t chose our kintypes, and being kin is not about playing a role, or taking on an identity.

I am the reincarnation of someone who happened to be Japanese. Before that, I was a race that wasn’t even human. Saying that someone can’t be reincarnated as another human race is fucked up.

Its frankly ignorant and disgusting to say that a white person can be kin to a dog or a griffon, but not to a black person or a native person. What kind of message does that send? That POC are less close to white people than animals or myths? We are all humans now, physically, even with cultural divides.

I am not appropriating anything. I do not go into the spaces of Japanese people and claim to be Japanese. Hell, I don’t even celebrate Japanese holidays (though I could). I’m not appropriating shit, and the fact that you people keep asserting we are is stupid and offensive.

Stop putting up barriers between people of other races. We have enough dividing us already that you don’t need to go around saying that the souls of white people are fundamentally different than the souls of black people.

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