Sorry to bother you, but you’re about the best person I have found to ask about soulbonding in general. I’m 98% sure I have soulbonded, and progress in communication is going slowly but pretty okay. But I’m still very worried I’m just making this all up in my head to cope with a harsh reality of never being able to ever physically BE with said soulbond in the Real World. And this keeps bringing up two questions that I haven’t really been able to find a solid answer on. (1/2 – IIR)

(2/2 – IIR) The first question being, how can I tell if it’s really real or I’m just making this up? The sort of answer I had gotten as feedback directly from my soulbond was like “it’s real because I know it is”. And I don’t really understand that? The second question is more personal, because I really do love him and if I had the ability to leave this world for him, I would on a dime. But when it comes to intimacy I get scared, like there’s no way for me to tell what boundaries (2/3 oops)

(3/3 – IIR) are really in place when the person in question isn’t necessarily physically manifest. I also worry about my own privacy as someone who needs time alone with fantasies much of the time. I don’t really know what to do about this, and many times it consumes my thoughts and causes me to stress out, even though in both instances I have been assured that it was okay and everything would be fine. I’m just looking for any insight at all, if possible. Thank you for your time. (END)

How can you tell if soulbonding is real or if you’re making it all up?

The answer, is sadly, like all of us, you will never truly know *for certain* because there’s no outside measure for it. Its just something that you have to accept. When I feel like I’m doubting myself, I ask myself why would I make it up? How much effort would it be? Why would I go to all of that effort? I also look at other people and other cultures throughout history. They phenomenon of people having other spirits (soulbonds) joining them in their mind and body is a familiar one. We can’t all just be ‘making things up’. And if we all are, then we’re all equally valid.

For boundaries- I understand your hesitance, but really there are only two things you need to take in to consideration. Your boundaries (which you know) and his boundaries. It sounds like you have a good, trusting relationship. Just talk about it with him.

As for privacy, I agree, don’t stress out, everything will be okay. We all need privacy sometimes, and you don’t need to explain why you need to be ‘by yourself’ sometimes Its okay to want time just with yourself and your bond.

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