um, do you have any suggestions for when you have a sudden memory that;s super violent and probably how you ended up in this life without having anybody from your canon or really anybody to help you cope??? i’ve been having really bad memories pop up and they just hurt a lot

Violent memories are hard, especially when you’re not in an environment where you can share them easily. I tend to have a lot of violent and unhappy memories to cope with, and I have basically two methods.

1) If you are feeling emotionally fragile, and just want to escape from dealing with memories for a while, try to put them in the back of your mind. Do something else that isn’t related to being kin, and doesn’t remind you of it. Absorb yourself in your current life. Talk to people who aren’t kin and don’t know you’re kin. Watch or read something that is very different from your canon. Treat it like a bad break up and distract yourself.

2) If you are feeling more emotionally robust, or just want to tackle it head on, my advice is to get somewhere comfortable, and let the memory wash over you. Write about it, in as much detail as you can, or draw it, get it out of your head in whatever way you can. Find a kin friend, or a message board, or make a private post and just dump it outside yourself. Go over and over it until its all out. 

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