Can you help me convince myself I’m not kin? I don’t think I am but a part of me still wants to hold onto the belief and search for feelings I’m not sure are there. I haven’t felt most of the “common kin feelings” that you list. Plus I’m worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret.

I donno, anon, I’m not big on repressing feelings, especially if they keep popping up. However, just wanting to be kin (searching for feelings that aren’t there) doesn’t make you kin. Maybe you’d like to hear about fictionhearted? It might make you feel better.

Fictionhearted: Someone with a strong emotional or spiritual connection to any fictional character or fictional species, without believing that they are that character or species. Often feeling like they *should* be that species or character, or would be if they could chose to be.

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